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Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty

Cordoba Strategy Group helps small and medium-sized organizations and start-ups through complex, high-stakes decisions, disruptive change, and strategy development by using structured, data-driven, science-based, decision- and risk-analytic methods that are usually only available to large companies and organizations.

Business Meeting


Establish your starting point

Considering an investment that could fundamentally change the future of your start-up or organization? Managing changes that could make or break your business? Don't fly without a map. We can help you chart a path to clarity through structured analytic approaches.

Business Meeting


Clarify your opportunities

We will work directly with you and your team to establish a crisp decision frame that identifies your options, your core elements of value, and the key uncertainties that must be managed.



Understand your options

We will create a value model that clarifies how your options compare, what's important, what's not, and how to look at the opportunities you have in new ways.

Analyzing Graphs


Illuminate your outlook

We bring a powerful toolset of probabilistic and decision analytic methods to your decision opportunities and strategic planning, making logical sense of risk and reward.

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Chart your course

Once your strategy is clear, we apply similar techniques to the next level of detail, identifying where and how to implement, what indicators to track, and when to reassess.

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Track your progress

Once the plan is in motion, an occasional strategy checkup may be required. We can incorporate new information and new opportunities into your strategy model and update your plan of action to keep you on course.

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